An Amazing New Discovery

Evidence Based Practice

Credible Science

PCABioScience has discovered specific therapeutic applications for protocatechuic acid (PCA).  The discoveries have resulted in 17 US patents as of August 31, 2001.  The primary focus has been on use as broad spectrum antibiotic, a biofilm destroyer for MRSA and Pseudomonas.

  • On March 30, 2021, US 10,959,969 was issued; Methods of treating SARS Cov-2 virus with protocatechuic acid.
  • Our vision sees PCA as not only a novel therapeutic but basis for an entire new industry based upon its many known applications and those yet to be discovered.

Our Research

Our initial focus was on protocatechuic acid and its therapeutic potential for orthopedic conditions including cartilage healing and control of surgical infections.  There is basic science evidence that PCA acts as a disease modifying osteoarthritic drug (DMOAD).  There is no DMOAD.

We have independent laboratory evidence that PCA has potential to reduce surgical site infections (SSI).  SSI have serious consequences beyond the morbidity.  Reported in the literature, but overlooked is the 25% 5-year mortality following an infected total joint surgery.

Another observation, again known but not widely acknowledged is the “persister” microbes and the adverse effect on SSI.  A single application of skin disinfectant will not kill all the bacteria.  Within 20 minutes the persister pathogen bacteria colonies have re-immerged.

PCA in various delivery systems has potential to solve these problems.  The PCA crystal remains viable on a surface or in a wound over time.

With the advent of COVID19, our attention turned to PCA’s potential for treatment of virus.  We learned by literature review and independent contract laboratory studies that PCA inactivates SARS CoV-1 virus.  The method of action is known.  The results indicate that other encapsulated viruses would have the same fate: HIV, Flu, Ebola, etc.  These specific applications are under study.

To further support the wide use of PCA, it was learned that the S. aureus terrible pathogen was vulnerable to a PCA related compound.  A US patent has been applied for such.

Equally amazing was while working on PCA for COVID19 we learned one of the complications in India of such is the Black Fungus.  Independent laboratory testing showed that PCA has potential use against this fatal complication.